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Álora is a typical “pueblo blanco”, a small white town nestled between three giant rocks and crowned by the ruins of the castle.
Despite the touristic developments at the Costa del Sol, Álora got to maintain its individuality as well as the traditional way of life. With its steep streets and white houses, the town has a unique Andalusian appearance. The local population, known as “Perotes”, are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. In Álora you can find the second oldest church of whole Spain, la Iglesia de la Encarnación at the Plaza Baja de la Despedía.


Mijas is a white town with Arabic structure, situated at only 30 km of Málaga at the Costa del Sol. A white pearl in the mountains! The steep path to this small town greets its visitors with red flowers in blue flowerpots that sparkle on the white walls.

The town is most famous for its unique “donkey cabs”, popular among tourists from all over the world, the small bull arena, the old Arabic wall, the churches and the much visited Santuario de la Virgen de la Peña, the sanctuary of the patron saint of the town.

You don’t want to come here for authenticity, but you do want to come here for a day of relaxation in one of the most touristic white villages of Málaga.

Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas is a small but beautiful town in the province Cádiz in the south of Andalusia. The town is known for its houses that are built against the rock walls. Because of this the town has tourists throughout the whole year.

Despite the fact that not all houses in Setenil de las Bodegas are painted white, the town does belong to the white towns of Andalusia. If you visit Setenil de las Bodegas, you have to be careful where you drive. The roads are very narrow and some of the roads are closed for vehicles.

Because the town is so popular among tourists, there are lots of restaurants and bars. The restaurants are known for their excellent pork meat. Especially chorizo is a true delicacy over here. Another local specialty is breadcrumbs baked in oil with ham, chorizo, onion and lots of garlic.

Literally, the peak of the town is the Torre del Homenaje. This tower is one of the few remaining elements of the fortress of Setenil. Over the last decades, the tower has been restored beautifully and opened to the public. In the tower there’s a small exhibition about the ecclesiastical history of Setenil and the processions that are held annually. The view from the tower is magnificent. Unfortunately, there’s often a strong wind which makes it less comfortable to stay watching for a longer time.


Nerja is located east of Málaga and Torre del Mar and is most famous for its small bays, rock formations and the balcony of Europe. The city attracts lots of tourists in the summer, during these months the ‘hidden beaches’ are full of tourists. That’s why Nerja is most fun during spring and autumn. However, it would be a waste if you don’t visit Nerja if you have the chance, also in the high season!

Not far outside the city there are some caverns. The discovery of the Caves of Nerja (Cuevas de Nerja) turned out to be a treasure of archaeological information. Murals of more than 20.000 years old were found here.

Away from the centre, on the major road towards Torrox you can enjoy delicious food and a fantastic view. The food is a little bit more expensive than tapas, but still very affordable. If interested we will be happy to provide you the address.

Puerto Banús/Marbella

Ready for some glamour?
If you are looking for a spark a glamour and sophistication with all necessities at hand, you have to visit Puerto Banús.

It was designed as an exclusive port for the international jet set. Now, Puerto Banús is one of the richest regions of the Costa del Sol. Since 2019 it is the most expensive marina of Europe.

A stroll through the port shows you numerous luxurious yachts and cars. You can sunbathe in the bars and restaurants while enjoying the gorgeous view. The biggest fashion designers have their own store here and you will also find three big shopping malls, including Spain’s most famous Corte Inglés.

During the day you can go to one of the many beach clubs that offer you king size deck chairs, chill-out music and luxury. Also golfers can choose from a large selection of golf courts nearby.

Puerto Banús comes to life in the evening. The streets, bars, clubs, cinemas and casino are packed with local inhabitants and tourists. Everyone is there to enjoy the glamorous night life.

So, Puerto Banús is not immediately ‘the real Spain’.

At five minutes of Puerto Banús you find Marbella. Marbella is the fashionable seaside resort at the Costa del Sol. The old centre and the esplanade with sculptures of the famous surrealistic artist Dalí are certainly worth visiting. You can park under the esplanade in the parking ‘Del Mar’.


In our region you can go to the bull arena of Málaga, Antequera, Ronda, Marbella, Fuengirola and Estepona. Book tickets in advance via the official website!

Who doesn’t really want to go to a bullfight, can choose to just visit the arena. In Ronda there’s a beautiful museum with information and attributes of the biggest artists!


If you’re interested in football you have to visit the Rosaleda stadium of CF Málaga. You can visit the stadium with a guide at various hours. Information about this tour and the exact timetable can be found on the website.

Maybe there’s even a match during your stay that you would like to go to. Order tickets for football games via Ticketmaster.

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