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Walking in the area

Marked walking trails


There are many officially marked walking trails in the area, which are particularly pleasing to the experienced walker and are described in detail on the following link.


Below you will find some personal tips for occasional walkers.

El Torcal

Wonderful walks, gorgeous nature. At your own pace with or without a guide, for all levels. Choose one of the many walks.

Find more information here.

Caminito Del Rey

El Caminito del Rey (“The King's Little Path”) is a walkway that stretches from Álora in Málaga to Campillos through the El Chorro gorge. The path is three kilometres long, one meter in width at most and rises 100 meter above the river ‘El Chorro’ against the steep walls. It can only be crossed from the northern side (entrance) to the southern side (exit). Count on 7 km for a full hike.

On pictures it may seem really spectacular and maybe less suitable for a less trained hiker, but you don’t have to be a fanatic hiker! There are plenty of resting areas with shade and benches. In some places, mostly to the end, you have to conquer a set of stairs. Even if you’re afraid of heights that wouldn’t cause any problems.

Book your trip with or without a guide. But be careful, tickets are sold out months in advance. Book your tickets here

We can help you through other channels to to still obtain tickets.

Lobo Park Antequera

Amazing nature walks between the wolves, run by people with a passion for these animals. Of course, you have to be interested in nature and animals. We found the wolf howl night very interesting. Tours are given in Spanish or English.

More information and reservations via this link.


Valle de Abdalajis is the capital of parapente and has three runways.


The beautiful, mountainous environment is the perfect place for exercised mountain bikers / cyclists. It’s a little less suitable for beginners. You can safely store your bike with us in the closed garage.
For renting an E-bike and other (city) bikes we can recommend you reliable partners. 

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